Me, Myself and I

Sunday, December 11, 2011


About a month back, I got a blessing from my Father.
Which helped a lot.
One thing he mentioned was to: "Live day to day, not in the future."
And let me tell you all something...
That is much easier said than done.

I wake up everyone morning at 5:30am.
(5:40 with the snooze.)
I get ready, run to catch the bus, walk 1/4 a mile to work
then WORK,
What a weird word and concept.
It kind of leaves a nasty taste in your mouth, doesn't it?

Everyone I work with has a story.
No one is LDS.
Except me.
Imagine that, right in Provo, UT
They think they're funny, I think they're pervs..
But one thing I like are their hearts.
Not in a creepy doctor way, but in a spiritual eye way

All of us have been born with Christs love.
Some of us show that,
while others have hidden, thrown away or misplaced theirs.
I don't know what I'm supposed to be learning.
I don't know why everyone at work calls me...
That's right, the popcorn.

(I guess they think they're funny)
But I guess this random blog post is to relieve some thoughts
some thoughts of annoyance
of loneliness
of pathetic-ness (is that even a word?)
Some days are harder than others,
but try to shine your light.
The light of Christ....