Me, Myself and I

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wedding Bliss

I've decided that one of the most thrilling, beautiful and perfect experiences that a girl can have is this:
Watching one of her best friends get sealed in the temple to her fiancé.
It is amazing.
The romantic and heartfelt moment when they walked out
She's beautiful.
Her face when she saw me for the first time!!
Chesney & I
Soooooo much kissing. Hah!
My little babies are growing up!
Ahhh. My other family. xoxo
Bridesmaids. How beautiful is Maika?! Ahh
Their faces! So much love.
You know that's right! Included in the slideshow!
This lady. My mom/grandma/friend and loving example.
The fantastic table decorations that Chesney made!
One of my favorite moments! Brother got to Skype from his mission in Mexico!
Dancing. To their beautiful wedding song.
Cheek exercise from hurting so much. Right before the Daddy-Daughter Dance. 
This is Aaron's sweet Papa. My favorite moment of the night was looking over at him during the Mother-Son Dance and he had tears in his eyes. 
Running through the bubbles! Their faces are priceless.
Goodbye Mr. & Mrs. Virgin!