Me, Myself and I

Monday, July 27, 2015

Time Flies Like an Arrow. Fruit Flies like a Banana.

Time truly does fly so quickly! I've been in Alaska since the very beginning of May and now I'm on the down hill of going back to Utah! Where did the summer go?!

I have so many favorite memories, experiences and blessings that have occurred over the past couple months and it would take ages to name them all but I wanted to point out a few of my favorites:

Rusty B.
He melts my heart quicker then butter on warm gluten-free bread.
He makes me laugh so SO so much.
He stresses me out when he tries to jump off couches, trampolines and tree-houses.
He goes to church with me every single Sunday and sings the songs with me.
He screams like a girl whenever you splash water on him. (Whoops..)
He runs up to me at the most random times. Hugs my neck really REALLY tight
and tells me that he loves me.
Reilly Sue Sue.
She is my sensitive angel princess.
She is the creative storyteller who will play games with me for hours.
She is the cat-whisperer and animal activist.
She is the shy yet adventurous girl who looks for ways to have more fun.
She is the only one who can read my emotions and ask me thought provoking questions.
She takes care of everyone. Always.
She starts laughing really hard and you just start laughing because of her laugh.
She is my heart.
Regan "Sweetie Plum."
Her quick wit will have you rolling on the floor from laughter.
Her spontaneous personality is wanted by everyone in order to have a good time.

Her compliments are said in statement form.
You can never doubt that she's telling the truth.
Her desire to be "the cool cat" is just a mask for her "sweetie plum" heart.
Her acceptance of you is long-lasting. Once you're "in," you're "in."
Her hugs are enveloping and so pure.

 I love being a Nanny in Alaska.