Me, Myself and I

Friday, May 22, 2015

Finding A Home in Homer

Of course I should be in bed at least 30 minutes ago but there is something satisfying about being the only person awake in a home filled with so many people.

I need to share photos and I want to share but right now, I just wanted to comment on something swirling around my brain for the past couple of days:

1) What is a HOME? Countless songs, poems, stories and desires of individuals all collide around the singular thought of home. Is home "where the heart is?" Is home an actual physical place that exists where our parents or caregivers reside? How do you know if you're home? Well, through a series of unfortunate events, I've began a quest of finding "my home." A tender mercy that the Lord has granted me would have to be my summer plans of living in Alaska! Wowie oh wow! God is good. Another place that I always feel at home is within the temple. Like I said, God is good.

I'm grateful for homes and I'm especially grateful that God wants us to each seek to find our "homes" so that we can better recognize that feeling for when He takes us back to our original home.

One more time: God is good.


  1. home is where ever I'm with you :)

  2. I love you kelp! I also love it when you blog! :)